Where is Punta Burica?

Punta Burica is a remote section of Panama where the jungles are still wild and beaches are still empty. Picture Costa Rica 20 years ago. The immediate area is sparsely populated with about 1,000 people spread out over 53.8 square kilometers. Burica Point is located at the tip of Punta Burica in the Chiriqui Province in Panama. The nearest city, Puerto Armuelles, is located about 31Km away, or an hour and a half drive, and is one of the largest cities in the Province with a population of 25,000, offering modern shopping facilities and other commercial services.

Why Invest in Panama?

Panama is the southernmost Central American country connecting North and South America. With the tolls collected from the Panama Canal, the county ranks 60th in the world in terms of the Human Development Index. As a result of the Canal, it is an international center with growing sectors in commerce, banking, and tourism. Panama has the third largest economy in the Central American region and the largest expenditure for resource consumption, making it an ideal location for enterprise and investment.

Burica Point is specifically valuable because its largely untouched beachfront property in a rapidly expanding region. You will be one of the very first to get in on this exclusive, beautifully raw spot of coastline. Despite its strong leadership in the Central American economy, Panama features vast expanses of beaches and jungle wilderness spread across its coastline. Covering around 40 percent of its land area, Panama's jungles are home to an abundance of tropical plants and animals – some of them are found nowhere else on the planet. Although there are many private properties, there are still miles of relatively unexplored terrain.

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  • We beached the the panga and hiked up over the island through jungle. I hadn’t yet experienced a hike over the top of the island. On a trip prior we had circumnavigated the island walking over boulders and tricky shoreline. But now we were walking with a purpose to scope the surf on the other side. Heart pounding with anticipation we crossed over and down the other side picking our way over the fallen palm branches. As we reached the rocky shoreline we could clearly see rideable surf coming in and breaking in a consistent right.
  • It’s a rare thing these days, to visit a place that has yet to be discovered. My whole life I have ventured into the outdoors seeking experience, whether in the mountains, desert, or ocean. I cherish the solace of a sitting by a high mountain lake, hiking endlessly through redrock county of Southern Utah, or sitting on a surf board waiting for a set wave in an empty line up. I have realized over time that the most special places aren’t necessarily that convenient, they take work or some guts to get to. But rewarding because they provide me with a feeling of excitement, of discovery, of pioneering. Places that I can imagine are as they have been for thousands of years, natural, wonderful, wild. Burica is such a place.
  • I know I’m in the spot.  I turn and paddle, the wave lifting me up a deep blue mountain, it’s steep clean face falling now in front of me..I’m up, I’m dropping in and I’m looking up at the pitching crest and then down the line as I bottom turn.  I am truly free, board shorts wet and wrapped around my legs flapping with the speed of the ride, no shirt…happy.  For all this time I have been thinking about this moment.  How many waves have come through here unridden and undiscovered?  Am I the first?  Probably not….but it doesn’t matter, cause I certainly feel like I’m the first.  I feel like a pioneer, and that is all that matters.